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"There are cigars and there are CUBAN COHIBAS,

there are red wines and there are CHATEAU LAFITE ROTHSCHILDS.

There are performances of TheFour Seasons and there is I MUSICI'S FOUR SEASONS."

(The Palm Beach Post) 







The masterful interpretation of Vivaldi's Four Seasons has been always a best seller and was recorded in seven successive versions:




1955 soloist Felix Ayo LP 33 giri MONO

1959 soloist Felix Ayo LP 33 giri STEREO



1969 soloist Roberto Michelucci LP 33 giri STEREO



1982 soloist Pina Carmirelli CD



1990 soloist Federico Agostini CD e Laser Disc Video



1995 soloist Mariana Sirbu CD Bitstream




2012 soloist Antonio Anselmi

Epic records Japan- Arcadia Korea - Dynamic rest of the world


I MUSICI'S remarkable quality has alwais been, ever since its beginning to extract from its ensemble all the required soloists - individually and in diverse instrumental combinations - , so its programs offer a rich balance in styles and tonal colors.

I MUSICI has an astonishing list of recordings - from the first 33 LPs to the modern CDs - enriched on several occasions by the collaboration of renowned wind virtuosi: Severino Gazzelloni, Frans Bruggen, Aurèle Nicolet, Maxence Larrieux, Heinz Holliger, Maurice Bourgue, Klaus Thunemann, Marco Costantini, Maurice Andrè, Hakan Hardenberger, Guy Touvron, Bernard Soustrot, and awarded many times with prizes:

Grand Prix de l' Acadèmie Charles Cros

Grand Prix International du Disque

Edison Award

Deutsche Schallplattenpreis

Grand Prix des Discophiles

Today I MUSICI's recording production is a huge collection of compositions from authors of the 18th., 19th. and 20th. Centuries.




Audio: E. Bossi, Gagliarda

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